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    Give me your ideas for a switch project!


      Hey folks,


      A long time ago on an early TLC episode, I did an overview of switches. Sadly, the episode ran too long and we cut everything about poles and throws. I figured it was time to revisit that topic, so in my next episode I will be covering poles and throws as well as continuing to tie in inductors by talking about relays.


      If you follow along with TLC, you may have noticed a pattern that after every lesson, in the following episode I make a project that involves parts or concepts from that lesson.

      Next week I'll be starting work on a project for poles, throws, and relays, but I haven't settled on a project yet.


      So I'm here to ask for your input! I'm looking for a project that shows off the use of either switches with multiple poles and throws or possibly makes use of a relay. Ideally the project really shows off how the switch functions. The circuit should also use fairly basic components, preferably no micro controllers or ICs. So what have you got? Lend me your ideas! Bonus for including a schematic.

      If I end up using your idea for the episode, I may even send you a little something special.