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    New Raspberry Pi and 7" display DOA???????


      Hello and thanks for checking this out. I am totally to the world of Raspberry but I am thinking that I might have a dead board or I'm completely lost. I've connected the 7" element 14 touchscreen and a Pi 3b together and inserted a NOOBS card. As I understand things I should get some response when I power it up with a 5v  2amp supply. So far, no joy, just a black screen. The only LED turned on is one red LED near the power jack. I hope you might have a simple clue. Thanks



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          It seems like it may not be booting from the microSD card.


          Can you check whether the card is plugged in correctly - perhaps remove and re-insert the card. You should see some green flashes from the activity LED when it starts to boot from the card.


          To eliminate some possibilities - it may be helpful to start off with an external display connected via HDMI and a keyboard and mouse connected via USB for initial set-up, adding the screen only after you complete initial set-up and updates.


          Failing that, you may need to re-image your NOOBS card with the latest image from the official Raspberry Pi Foundation website as it could have somehow become corrupted or may have an out-of-date version that doesn't support your particular model of Raspberry Pi.


          - Gough

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            Did you try to power the display separately?