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    Programming the DA9062 PMIC


      Hello there,


      The MiniZed board uses the DA9062 PMIC for its power management.


      My question is about how to configure it.


      Since it uses I²C, I imagined one could first of all boot the PS (since PS and PL supplies are independent), program the PMIC via the I²C, and then perform power sequencing. But no, the only 3V3 net is generated by the DA9062 and, on top of that, it is the last voltage in the sequence.


      I then assumed we are supposed to use the OTP, as mentioned in many parts of the datasheet. But how are we supposed to program it? I could not find any instructions related to it in the datasheet. Should we necessarily have the manufacturer program it before packaging?


      I wonder if any of you guys has had any experience with that.


      Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.