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    Multi part text


      In the schematic library editor, I have created a muti-section part (a hex inverter) and I want to use one of the sections to show the power pins. I created the main symbol and placed a value parameter in a nice spot. But when I switch to the power symbol section (a simple square shape), the value text is in a bad spot. It partially covers the symbol. If I adjust it to look nice on the power section, then it doesn't look right on the main section.


      Is this normal? What's the recommended way to handle this? I've tried unchecking autoposition, but that just keeps Circuitstudio from moving the text. It doesn't fix the underlying problem.

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          I think what you have experienced is the way it works.  For me, there is always a lot of text to clean up anyway and it isn't a big deal.  Do uncheck the autoposition so when you update symbols from libraries the text doesn't move back and you have to clean it up again.  I'm pretty sure that Altium Designer works this way also so it is not unique to CS.