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    cannot use Tera Term to talk to miniZed


      Hi All,


      Just got brandnew miniZed several weeks ago, and started playing with it. I followed getting started guide but came across problems now.


      1, There was a driver installation error when connecting minized to my labtop. So I follow step 4 "In the rare circumstance that the drivers are not auto-installed, then you must manually install the driver for the FTDI FT2232H device. Visit the FTDI website and download the appropriate driver for your operating system. http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm".

      After doing that, I reconnect miniZed to labtop and saw this

      So only one USB serial converter A is installed, while converter B still does not show up. This is suspicious


      2, So I go ahead moving to step 7 of the guide, "Set the MiniZed boot mode switch SW1 to QSPI mode (‘F’ for Flash) as shown below"

      Still very confusing statement. What in the world the SW should be flipped to? Two pictures they provide are essentially contradictory to each other.

      Anyway here is my current setting


      3, Trea term also does not show what I want

      No port # shows up. If I click OK, then pop up a window which says


      Hope someone can help with such basic questions. Thanks for your time and attention