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    Renaming components


      Hi all,

      I am fighting with what I would expect a basic functionality.

      I just need to rename components in my project.

      So I for example I rename R56 to R36 in my schematic.

      Then I update the board and I expect the component's name on the board changes.

      But in many cases the components is like erased and inserted again. So I see it in the right bottom corner instead on the original place.

      It is becoming a mess when renaming more components. I can just imagine what would happen if forcing complete schematic annotation.


      Sometimes the process runs as expected. I think it has something to do with changed net names when changing the component - if they do not change, the name change works fine.


      Comparing to eagle - I just rename the components on the schematic and everything is done automatically.


      I use 1.4 version.


      Am I missing a simple straightforward method?


      Thanks a lot for help.