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    where is uz7ev.dtsi?


      Is Avnet working on a DTSI file for the UltraZed boards?

      For instance, after creating a PetaLinux project with the Xilinx provided BSP for the ZCU104, there is this file:  xilinx-zcu104-2018.2/components/plnx_workspace/device-tree/device-tree/zcu104-revc.dtsi

      That file gets referenced when running `petalinux-config` as:

          * DTG Settings

              ** MACHINE_NAME

                  *** zcu104-revc


      The UltraZed-EV has no corresponding file after creating a PetaLinux project using the Avnet provided BSP.


      I am thinking the lack of this DTSI file is an issue.


      I want to TFTP boot my uz7ev board, same as I can do with the ZCU104.

      I followed the steps for the uz7ev as I did for the ZCU104, but the BOOT.BIN file I created for the uz7ev file and flashed to it just generates a little bit of garbled text in the terminal window.