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    How to formulate MIO interrupt for PMOD (SPI) peripheral



      I want to get running an enc24j600 card (SPI to Ethernet Inteface from Microchip).

      I am using Petalinux 2018.3, compiled in the relevant driver and appended the device tree in

      project-spec/meta-user/recipes-bsp/device-tree/files/system-user.dts, see below


      /include/ "system-conf.dtsi"

      / {




          encx24j600: eth1@0 {

             compatible = "microchip,encx24j600";

             status = "okay";

             reg = <0>;

             spi-max-frequency = <25000000>;

             interrupt-parent = ?

             interrupts = ?


          spidev: spidev@0 {

             compatible = "spidev";

             reg = <1>;

             spi-max-frequency = <25000000>;




      The module is recognized  when booting, upon dhclient eth1 an interrupt is signalized via MIO0 (Pin 7 PMOD connector), unfortunately i was not successful in getting the interrupt propery "wired", trying different variations. Reading through interrupt methodology did not give me more insight for the moment. Anybody able to provide the last meter?



      Using petalinux2017.3, the modules was not probed by whatever reason.
      The spidev, I added to get reaction on the SPI bus with 2017.3 instead.