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    Output generation


      Hello,  I use Circuit studio 1.4.

      When I generate output, the BOM is alway generated as .xls file but it is sometimes generated within the output pdf file, sometimes not. I did not succeed in tracking what it depends on.

      I export also PCB 3D print, but I would like to export it from both Above and Below but in PCB 3D Print Settings I can choose only one of them.


      Is there any way how to control this?


      Thank you.

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          This does seem to be a problem even in version 1.5.  I see it in both the Project>Generate outputs job configuration panel and in the Outputs>Print[documentation] options panel.  In AD there was a way to add outputs and you would just add in another output and set it to 3D view.   You could also have multiple output job files with separately saved configurations. CS seems to have dumbed this down and overlooked this matter.


          It is kind of simple to work around this by using a screen shot grabber application like Screenpresso.

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            As Thomas said the output job file is a simplified version on that available in Designer. However it should be possible to edit the file manually to add in extras but that will mean you won't have full control from the GUI. Obviously any editing it at your own risk but in the distant past I believed I managed to add in an extra output manually.