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    Tenma 72-7635 PC Software and Scope Firmware




      Looking for the PC software for this scope, and any update software/firmware that may be available.


      I purchased the Tenma 72-763572-7635 as a faulty customer return, with a label saying "no trace".


      It came with probes and user manual, but no PC software CD.


      It was very cheap for a 300Mhz 2Gs scope so could not resist, from the condition obviously a DOA.


      Everything else seemed to work but no trace on both channels, and it would lock up if you pressed the AUTO button.


      Managed to fix it, but not impressed with the build of this £900+ unit. Anyone thinking of buying one let me know and I will tell you the issues.


      Tenma and the OEM UNI-T don't seem to be very helpful when it comes to finding software or firmware. There is nothing of any use on their web sites.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      The current Software version version is v1.01 with Firmware v1 which is not encouraging.