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    Zedboard.org SDSoC_Platform_v2018p2rev3p2.pdf using 2018.3


      Hi Folks-


      I am working on the reference design above and find that the latest xilinx SDK 2018.3 has interface and setup somewhat different from that shown in the associated pdf.  Is there anyone that would be willing to help this newbie get this project set up or will I have to uninstall the latest xilinx sftwr and try and find the earlier release?


      For example, instead of these two interfaces (from zedboard's pdf)

      the new SDK provides a single interface

      From here it the steps required to get the MiniZed board support are no longer obvious.  There is no option at this stage to select "Manage Platform..." (1st image below from the zedboard pdf).  Opening the repository gui in the 2018.3 SDK and adding a path to the zedboard provided "Platform" directory (2nd image below) does not seem to help either... the sdk still does not have the "mz_avnet" option (3rd image below from the zedboard pdf) appearing anywhere that I've been able to locate.


      Can anyone help out?





      This is not available in the 2018.3 new project dialog and the