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    IR Mod


      I was quite disappointed to discover that my new Moto Z3 doesn't have an IR blaster to control my TVs and DVD player. But then I thought: wait! How hard could it be to make a Mod for that? A thing that comes standard on a lot of other phones on the market!


      Anyone else think it's a good idea? Why or why not?



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          I've thought of that before and looked into it somewhat. To do it for the sake of learning about Moto Mods and create a prototype for educational purposes would be worthwhile. To do it for commercial purposes, I don't see having that feature alone as a mod to be cost effective. For the price of a Moto Mod development kit to get you started, you could get many USB Type C IR Blasters. Once you get the hardware working you'd then have to write software to get it working with any equipment you want to use it on.

          Once you get started and need some guidance perhaps some people here can assist you.