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    What are the correct BSP settings for stdin and stdout?


      I'm going through MiniZed software training series for Vivado 2017.4


      In SW Lab03 - Bare Metal BSP 2017_4_v11, in Experiment 1:  Generate the Standalone Board Support Package, step 5. says BSP settings for stdin and stdout are incorrect.

      stdin value is ps7_uart_0

      stdout value is ps7_uart_0


      Step 6. asks to change values to ps7_uart_1.  Also reference to schematic is mentioned.


      I went to following website to download the schematic:

      MiniZed | Zedboard


      I looked at the uart section of the schematic but I didn't find any references to ps7_uart_0, ps7_uart_1, stdin, or stdout.


      I would like to match lab03 BSP settings with the schematic.

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          Looking at the schematic, the UART1 is connected to MIO48, and MIO49. If you referenced back to your Hardware design, you will see your UART1 peripheral in your Zynq configuration is connected to these pins, while the UART0 is connected to the Bluetooth UART if I remember correctly. Thus the need to change to ps7_uart_1. If your design had UART0 connected to MIO48/49 then you would be fine leaving these values at the default ps7_uart_0.