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    Op-Ed: I Think you Should Attend Our 'Securing IoT Sensors' Webinar


      IOT is a big interest on the community. I think this is reflective of what is going on our broader society and culture: technology is woven into our daily lives and into the things we use -- home appliances, lamps, cars, bikes, and someday clothes!


      An important component of IOT is sensors. After all you need something to sense the physical world to make some "sense" of it. There will be huge sensor networks monitoring various conditions (i.e., environmental), and they'll be generating a lot of critical data that will be important to us. Health conditions or wide-ranging sensor networks for earthquake alert systems. It's rather incredible once you think about it.


      The problem is that there are "bad actors" that want to mess with this data if it isn't protected. Hence, securing IOT saensors is an important knowledge point or skill to have.


      I think learning about securing IoT sensors is worth your time. That's why I was ecstatic when we got NXP to offer a webinar on the topic: Securing IoT Sensors with LPC5500 MCU & Trustzone Block


      I really encourage you to sign up.


      The webinar will go through the hardware and the software for securing IOT sensors. Should be interesting.


      See you at the webinar!



      element14 webinar host