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    Create a library from schematic / PCB designs




      I'd like to modify symbol(s) and footprint(s) that are part of design imported from Eagle.

      Issue is that I can't find a way how to convert component placed in schematic to the library item, neither single item or group of items.

      Description from Create a library from an imported PCB design doesn't work in CS 1.5 - in the symbol editor, I can't paste content of clipboard copied from schematic.


      Any help is welcome!

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          I believe it still works to copy a symbol on the schematic and paste into a library. On the schematic, click a symbol and right click Copy. Switch to the schematic library editor and In the "SCH Library" window right click Paste. A new component will be created based on the copied item. Make sure it is the "SCH Library" window you are using and not "Libraries".

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              It doesn't work for me. I copied parts in Sch but there is no Paste when I right click SCH Lib file.

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                  Try this.

                  Start with a new schematic library file so you don't corrupt an existing library.

                  In the schematic, set the selection filter to components (Home tab > Selection Filter > Components

                  Next select all from the Select icon or Ctrl+A.

                  Right mouse click and copy the selected parts to the clipboard.


                  In the new and blank schematic library, mouse right click in the SCH Library pane.

                  All the parts should be copied there.  You will get duplicates that you need to weed out.  Symbols will be oriented in the manner they were on the schematic.  So you should pick the ones you want and delete other duplicates.  Then you may need to edit the symbol(s) and primitives and rotate as needed.  Also, the designators will have fixed values and need to be changed to wildcard numbering.

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