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    Creating hardware based off of ZedBoard, which portions of the ZedBoard schematic do I need?


      I need a few things. I will reference pages from the ZedBoard Rev D.2 schematic.


      • One, I the programming interface to the SoC via USB. I believe that this is covered on page 12.
      • I also need the ability to interface with an SD card, which is contained on page 6 and page 10 (MIO bank).
      • I need an XADC channel, which is covered on page 2 (connector on the bottom left) and 8.
      • I need basic UART (not via USB), so I believe I just need some MIO pins (sheet 10).


      Apart from that, I believe that the FPGA power on sheet 11 is necessary. In addition, to generate all of the different DC voltages, I believe that the power regulation shown on sheets 15-17 are necessary.


      Are there any other components from the schematic that I need to create working hardware? There are so many signals that go to and from each sheet of the schematic, it can be a little hard to follow and discern which ones are needed to create working hardware based on the ZedBoard. Thanks for the help.


      -- Michael