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    Bluetooth not working & timeouts in Linux while using JTAG


      We have 2 Ultra96 boards and the UART/JTAG pod. The first problem we have seen with the official Pynq 2.3 image is that Bluetooth is not working at all:


      hci-ti serial0-0: Direct firmware load for ti-connectivity/TIInit_11.8.32.bts failed with error -2

      Bluetooth: hci0: request_firmware failed(errno -2) for ti-connectivity/TIInit_11.8.32.bts

      Bluetooth: hci0: download firmware failed, retrying...


      The second much more critical problem for us is that Linux stopps working as soon as we connect to the JTAG controller via xsct. Then the boards starts spamming:


      mmc0: Timeout waiting for hardware cmd interrupt.

      mmc1: Timeout waiting for hardware cmd interrupt.


      If we don't use xsct, linux works just fine. Does anybody has a solution for that?