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    What is the mass and operating temperature range for the Gizmo 2?


      Also is there a CAD model of this board somewhere online? I can't find it anywhere!

      This is my first post  sorry if I didn't follow the rules but I need this for a school project!! Thanks!

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          Hi Mithil,


          This is a very old and obsolete product, and the manufacturer's website is gone. If the Gizmo space here doesn't help:

          GIZMO 2

          and google has not helped, then unfortunately you're going to have a hard time finding what you want.

          Having said that, if you just need a CAD model to build an enclosure, you could measure it with calipers.

          Gizmo 1 had the edge connectors in the same positions I think, and the CAD drawing of that is below. Please double-check with your own measurements though, before relying on it.

          Regarding mass, that is easily measured. For operating temperature, it is a consumer-grade item, so best considered to be designed for room-temperature. If you need it in any more detail, then it is maybe not the right product..

          A better replacement is Pi or BeagleBone Black if you do not need the x86 instruction set. If you need x86, consider something like Intel NUC.

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