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    How CircuitStudio's Supplier Links Features Makes it Easier for to Make Better Part Selection's in your PCB Design


      Being able to establish supplier-linked component data early in the design cycle, and review this information throughout the design process, allows you to make valid part decisions based on current component specifications, data sheets, physical properties, and availability and pricing information.


      The above statement summs up a feature in CircuitStudio called "Supplier Links."


      I'd like to drill down and talk about Supplier links in a little more detail.


      The Whys of Supplier Links ....From the Beginning

      Access to electronic component resources is essential to the success of a PCB design because the symbols and models you use only represent the virtual equivalent of ‘real-world’ components – that is, the physical parts that are ultimately loaded into a manufactured circuit board. Deciding which actual parts are used in the design – with what specifications, from which manufacturers and suppliers, and at what price – is a crucial part of the design process that usually involves considerable research and product comparison.


      That's the "why" of Supplier Links. It takes the pressure off of you because Supplier Linsk form by a direct connection to suppliers, which in turn allows you to search across all supplier databases supported by CircuitStudio. When the desired part is selected, a link is added to the local schematic component as a set of parameters. This link connection is then re-established each time the component is opened in a schematic or library, and is, therefore, guaranteed to reflect the current supplier’s data for that component.


      In CircuitStudio, Supplier Links can be added to components in a project or components within a Schematic Library. Supplier Links added to components in a project are exclusive to that project, and Supplier Links added to a library component will become available in any project that uses that library component.


      Want To Learn More

      Are you interested in learning more about Supplier Links? Great! Then join us for the Live Webinar: Discover Supplier Links and the CircuitStudio v1.5.2 Update