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    Op Ed: Why You Need To Know More About 5G than You Think You Do


      I get a lot of email. A lot!


      Part of this is due to my job, as I correspond with suppliers, talk to my bosses (like everyone), and keep up to date with my roadtesters (of course)! But I also get a lot of email from different tech journals that keep me up on what is hot when I really don't have time to read every article I find interesting.


      One of the hot topics is 5G. That is, the 5th Generation.


      The big benefits of 5G is greater bandwidth and much less latency. It will immensely benefit IoT solutions in the future. I won't mention that actual numbers, because they are sure to change next month or next year.


      I think everyone should know something about 5G and the developments and components of 5G, even if it isn't directly impacting them at this time. If for no other thing....curiosity.


      That's why I suggest that you attend the element14 5G webinar on Mar 27th.


      How to see you there!


      If you haven't registered, here's the link: How 5G will Impact IoT and Mass Connectivity