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    Learn KiCad with an Embedded Systems Engineer


      Hey all!

      I am an Embedded Systems Engineer, I am currently working on a Master's in Computer Engineering, and I just started a YouTube channel (Kuit the Geek) to share some of my skills! I know many people are becoming more and more interested in PCB design, and I have been thinking of starting a series that covers how to use the EDA KiCad. I use KiCad as my daily driver at work with all of the design that I do, and I am curious as to how many people would be interested in seeing this series. I just launched my first short series where I am taking a project from the Zachtronics game Shenzhen I/O and I am walking through the design as an actual engineer might solve the problem. The project is a simple fake security camera, and it really is only a microcontroller and a few LEDs. But I have designed a professional circuit board, and I am going to design the mechanical enclosure to look like a little security camera, and I will finish up with some code and the full assembly. I shared a comment on today's Element 14 video about common PCB design pitfalls, and mayermakes suggested I should share what I am doing here. I am excited to share some of my experience with others, and I hope that some will find this interesting.

      You can find the channel on YouTube at youtube.com/c/kuitthegeek