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    Beaglebone functioning


      My beaglebone black is not responding after connecting to a power a source. User led's are numb and they dont respond after a long time too.I could not understand the problem.

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          Perhaps it is not booting (this can happen if some board is plugged on top). Have you tried powering it up without any cape plugged on?

          It could also be a faulty or corrupted micro SD card, if you're booting off that. Or corrupted on-board Flash. To fix that, you may need a replacement microSD card and reinstall.

          Also, it's highly recommended to connect to the serial pins (e.g. use a 3.3V UART-USB adaptor) to see how far in the boot process it has got.

          To do that, see the section "Using a serial cable" here: Some quick-start things to do for developing on the BBB

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            Did it work before, and now it stopped working?  Or is this the first time you used it?


            The user LEDs are the 4 above the mini-USB port.  Does the "PWR"  LED light up, the one right next to the 5 volt barrel connector?

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