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    Bug (not solved): Circuit Studio loses focus (jumps to another window) when select an item to edit


      I read that CS is slow for any updates and bug fixes, but this bug MUST be fixed asap.


      CS loses focus and drop me to any other windows on my Win10 after I select an item to edit from popup. I didn't found a specific pattern when this behavior begins, but it's too often.


      It's not possible to work with this annoying bug at all (not to mention that these popups are annoying itself - see below).


      VIDEO attached.


      When do you plan to fix it?





      About annoying popups...


      Why should it give me popup with everything around my mouse when I clearly stay in the center of a specific object on the specific layer with zoom of "half" of my screen - e.g. on the via  that is the size of my head when zoomed on my 32" display.



      WHY this popup? (which will afterall kick me off CS to another windows on my WIN10)