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    The Business of Engineering Podcast | #8 - Partnership Management

      The Business of Engineering podcast is a monthly round table discussion in which startup leaders and entrepreneurs discuss various issues related to working in the tech and electronics market. This is the discussion thread for Episode Eight - Partnership Management


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      Episode Summary


      From distribution and supplier relationships to creative collaborations and brand extension, professional partnerships are essential to a growing tech enterprise. In this episode, our panel discusses the best ways to build strong professional relationships with other companies, how those partnerships have helped their own businesses to grow and how to ensure that partnerships remain healthy and mutually beneficial in the long term.




      Ryan Ciecko

      Partnerships Manager at Free Agent, an award-winning cloud-based accounting software platform for small businesses, freelancers and their accountants.


      Tracey Dawson

      Managing Director of Daletech Electronics, a Leeds-based manufacturing company focusing on high quality, low volume electronic manufacturing and rework.


      Alistair Maiden

      CEO of SYKE, a legal engineering business helping law firms and corporate legal teams to buy and implement legal technology.


      Talking points addressed in this episode...


      • Introductions [0.00]
      • What makes a good professional partnership? [1.20]
      • Negotiating with larger companies [7.30]
      • Managing remote partnerships [12.30]
      • Making connections with potential partners [16.30]
      • The value of joining trade unions and professional bodies [22.30]
      • Contract negotiations and understanding your rights  [28.20]
      • When partnerships go wrong... [33.30]
      • Panelists describe their most rewarding business partnerships [38.00]


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