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    Join me, along with Special Guests MATRIX Labs, for the First Live Stream Where Community Members Present!


      Greetings Best Community in the Galaxy,


      During the time of the Commercial Uses of Arduino - 5 Recorded Live Streams we introduced a new platform for webinars/live streams called On24.   I helped out with Q&A but never really got to dig in deep with the platform till recently.  The reason for the switch was that it promised a more engaging experience than was currently possible.   At the time, Project14 was mentioned as a candidate for the new platform.   Well, the time has come, and the upcoming Project14 Live Stream & Giveaway promises to offer you a different experience than you are use to on the element14 community.


      For one thing,  we will attempt to stay true to what makes the Project14 program such a welcome addition to the element14 community's family of programs, we will focus on projects.  We've made friends with the MATRIX Labs folks and they have agreed to be our special guests.   You'll learn more from them on using the MATRIX Creator in your projects.   It will also be the first live stream where the community members present.  We've got an all star line up to join us, consisting of  balearicdynamics ,   gam3t3ch , and sjmill01 .   We will have a learning segment with MATRIX Labs, followed by project videos, and then show & tells by gam3t3ch & sjmill01 .   Because its the birthday special as well, balearicdynamics will present a present to Project14 as a video.   All of them will be presenters on the live stream, so this will be the first time we've had community members as presenters for a live stream.


      This will be my first time as the host of a webinar / live stream so your support would be really appreciated.  The hope is that if this is successful, we can invite more community member presenters to interact with a special guest of interest.   I will try to use the time between now and then to help ensure things run smoothly but like all things you do for the first time,  there will be lessons to be learned, especially with how different this one promises to be.  


      Sign up to the webinar and help support this special event:


      Project14 | Live Stream & Giveaway: Learn About Using the MATRIX Creator in Home Automation Projects!


      If you're not familar with me,  I know rscasny and e14phil may be more familiar to our frequent webinar attendees, get to know me and what I do on the element14 community in a candid interview with MATRIX Labs:



      We'll also launch the Robot of the Month Birthday Special to celebrate the second birthday of Project14 on the same day.   The hope is these events will become a regular part of the program and offer members a new way to learn and engage through the Project14 program!


      Cheers and hope to see you at the event,