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    How to use CPU-Board only (configuring efuses)


      Hi guys,


      i need help to run the CPU-Board without the IO-Board. As far as i understand the situation this does simply not work because the Jumpers on the IO-Board are not present the the CPU-Board goes into serial Bootloader-Mode.

      So my solution would be to set the efuses in a way that the board does always boot into emmc except the jumpers are set so that the serial bootloader could be used.


      I already broke one board by setting the wrong fuses and i would like some help an the matter.

      So far i found out that the the documentation on the fuses can be found here: IMX7DRM but i have trouble understanding it correctly.


      I also know that i can burn the fuses in u-boot with the command "fuse prog".


      Can someone tell me which fuse i would have to burn and how the excat command would look like?

      Thank you very much!