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    Need a Bluetooth Solution to an audio problem.


      So here is the question, Is there any way to build a Bluetooth device that would allow it to send audio signal that can be picked up by multiple devices(cell phones most likely) the cell phones can then send it to their hearing aids. I was thinking it would take three boards.

      1. An audio board to take in the audio to give it to the

      2. Micro-processor to take the signal, process it and give it to the (probably a raspberry pi or Arduino)

      3. Blue-tooth transmitter unit or maybe multiple Blue-tooth transmitters.

      The other thing is that it must cover an area of about 50 feet by 100 feet. The place where the Blue-tooth will transmit from is from the middle of one of the 100 foot walls. So it only need to transmit about 20 feet right in front but needs to transmit towards the corners on the opposite wall from the area transmitted. Although most of the people with the need will be sitting in the area right to the front of the transmitter, the Lobes need to be covered at need, meaning not 100% of the time but capability as needed, but could probably just start with the area right in front.


      Moderators since this is my first post here you can move this post to a more appropriate area if you need to. Also I would like to thank everyone who takes their time to read this and also anyone who helps me with this Project.


      Thanks Again,