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    Costs increasing, website getting slower...


      I want to post some feedback about my recent ordering experience. I don't really expect anyone to care, but you just lost a sale today and I'd like to tell you why.


      I have been a customer of Farnell for over 10 years, and enjoyed fast delivery and better prices than RS-components, as well as the option to purchase most parts in small quantities

      (RS sometimes only sells with MOQ of 50 pieces, for example)


      However, after assembling an order today, I noticed that the shipping cost has increased, and also that the free-shipping threshold has increased from $45 NZD to $64 NZD.

      This presents a problem - because these costs are not inclusive of GST, and now the minimum order value for free shipping costs more than it does at DigiKey, which is $66 NZD inclusive of GST.


      So, I was able to purchase all the parts I was going to buy at Farnell, at DigiKey instead, plus some extra TorxPlus bits which Farnell doesn't sell, and all for LESS than what I would have paid if I had ordered from Farnell!


      As a bonus, DigiKey's website is lightning-fast, as opposed to Farnell's which just seems to be getting slower and slower and slower... (I see there are long-running threads in the forum here about that too)



      So, to sum up - my ordering experience from Farnell has been getting progressively worse, and now the pricing is also worse than DigiKey, who have a better stock selection anyway.

      I'm not sure there is any compelling reason to use Farnell at all after this point....