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    My challenge: make a based new Raspberry pi Videogame Console


      Yes this was my challenge, : )! To make a new Raspberry pi B3+ Videogame Console based on a 8bit Applesoft game i have developed with my friends Tom Porter and Mark d. Overholser. The console is based on a console born from my imagination in the game i have developed and invented (Fandon Journey).Where a kid have to gain ability from his console he will gain by obtain points, combat with a robot inside an apple ii game of his apple ii father's computer. The console is called NEWBOX 720 (make a joke with the word xbox 360 maximixed to new 720!).

      The design is very futuristic and i have developed it with a friend Carmine di Grezia. The software is Raspbian scratch with a boot up modified 9 emulators 8 to 16 and 32 bit, steam link beta working, a music player i have developed that playes a lot of file format in a simple basic programming language environment.And everything you can do with Raspbian inside Raspberry pi, the wallpaper and menu are modified by me have a look at the photograps.

      Here a link to the game to play online inside your browser Fandom Journey: https://archive.org/details/matteotrev_gmail_Fdm

      Thank you for reading