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    Install Ubuntu on UltraZed-EG - Bad ARM64 Image magic!


      Hi there! I am not sure what the problem is here:


      I created boot image using Vivado and PetaLinux 2018.3 tools build flow, copied the boot image and ubuntu-16.04.4-minimal-armhf-2018–03–26 rootfs to a SD card (BOOT and rootfs partitions) but Then I get the following message when it's booting up:



      reading system.dtb

      33975 bytes read in 18 ms (1.8 MiB/s)

      Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic!


      It seems the boot image that is on partition 1 (fat32: BOOT), is still telling the MPSoC to find the Linux file system from it's default location, and not from the partition 2 (ext4: rootfs) of the SD card or I am totally wrong.


      Can you please help me to resolve this issue?