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    Interesting presentation about SKiDL




      From KiCon.  I'm not advanced enough in using KiCAD, creating schematics and producing PCBs yet to want to give up the drawing approach to creating net lists, nor can I program in Python.  Nonetheless, I can see the utility for trivial to non-complex circuits but I can't see how realms of computer code is easier to understand than a complex schematic.  Of course, the Python code can be documented, searched, scripted, 'diffed' etc etc but it feels like the overall structure is likely to remain hidden just as in a schematic spread over multiple pages.  Interfacing to LTSpice and multiple boards in one project is great.  No mention of 'testing' which is an interesting thought.  In the Schematic editor we can do an ERC; I expect a TDD driven approach to creating the equivalent in SKiDL would give a good set of regression tests to work with and perhaps more informative and useful than the ERC.


      Anyone here used this in anger?  Is it better once the level of complexity rises above a bar where the schematic can't be created on a page?