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    USB 3.0 configuration Ultrazed EG




      I have configured my ultrazed under linux. When I plug USB drive to the Ultrazed USB3 plug, USB 2.0 devices are recognized properly, but USB 3.0 are not recognized and not visible.

      When I connect the same USB3.0 devices to my linux Laptot, these devices are seen and recognized, means there is no issue on these devices.


      In Vivado, I have enabled USB0 and selected USB3.0 / GT Lane0.

      I have configured Linux using Petaliux and the following are enabled in the kernel:

      Device Drivers------>

          USB support

              <*> xHCI HCD (USB 3.0) support

              <*> USB Mass Storage support

              <*> DesignWare USB3 DRD Core Support

              DWC3 Mode Selection (Dual Role mode)  --->

                  (X) Dual Role mode

      I purchased an adaptor USB3.0 in the market to plug the USB drives to the USB 3,0 plug of the Ultrazed carrier.


      Is it anything specific to configure to have USB 3.0 devices working with the Ultrazed? Do we need to purchase a specific adapter (as I saw a recommandation for the ZC102 board)?


      Thanks you in advance for your feedback

      Best regards