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    Problems submitting road test review

    Dudley Nelson

      Hi thamizharasan


      I shall start by introducing myself - I'm the software developer who works on the road test program. Hi!


      rscasny tells me you've been having problems submitting reviews (and while writing this, he's just told me you've got one of them all sorted)


      I can see from your content that you have 3 drafts of the same review ready - I didn't think that should be possible and I'm interested how that occurred. But at this point, with me late to the party, rather than tracking down the bug, I just want to get you sorted and make sure you can post your content.



      I suspect those drafts are the cause of the problems you're having. It's either that or there's an issue with one of the images that are in your review, but I doubt that's the case.


      What I would like to do is to delete all those drafts and have you try again from an empty setup - would that be okay? It'll only take me a few seconds to delete those drafts off.



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