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    USB3 devices detected as USB2 in petalinux




      I'm trying to connect a USB3 camera to the Ultrazed-EV starter kit using petalinux, and I can see that the camera is being detected but as a USB2 device, here is the shell log:


      I set up the USB mode jumpers in the board as a default HOST mode indicated here: http://zedboard.org/sites/default/files/documentations/UZ-EV-CC-UG-ver1.pdf (page 12), also tried OTG configuration with same results.


      In order to connect the camera to the board I'm using the next adapter:



      The camera is detected and works as USB3 device with not problems in a windows or linux PC (without the above USB adapter).

      I tried another devices as a USB3.0 memory stick and they are also detected as USB 2.0 device....


      Any ideas what could it be the problem?


      Thanks in advance.