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    UltraZed-EV starter kit - Touch Screen Display Interface Options




      I am using the UltraZed-EV starter kit, serial number AES-ZU7EV-1-SK-G, which includes the UltraZed-EV SOM and UltraZed-EV Carrier Card. One of my goals is to choose an appropriate touch screen display module (ideally PCAP touch with TFT Display) that will work with the SOM and Carrier Card included in this kit. I need to display graphics on the display (graphs, wire frame models (3D and 2D), data sets, log files, GUI, and be able to utilize the touch input to select options such as starting a test, entering into different menus, typing on a touch keypad, zooming in/ out of and panning around a 3D/ 2D model, etc. The SOM/ Carrier Card supports various "display mode" options. I am trying to choose the best one for our application, which should provide a fast refresh rate/ response time to display and touch, and provide a reliable connection (minimal EMI for example). I noticed the SOM has capability for DisplayPort (sourcing the display only) as well as LVDS for touch input, and the carrier card supports both of these. Ideally these would be the two options I would select.


      My question is, can Display AND Touch Screen control be accomplished through LVDS, or do I need to find a touch screen display module that has DisplayPort for display and LVDS for touch screen control?


      Also, is it correct to say the Carrier Card/ SOM does not have I2C interface to use for touch control?


      I will also take other recommendations for selecting an appropriate Touch Screen Display module that will work with this start kit and will be quick and reliable with minimal interference.


      Thank you in advance for your help.


      Best Regards,

      Marshall Curry