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    General Preferences - Email Notification


      Dear E14 Support,


      hmmmm…. since April I didn't receive any email notifications.

      Now I found time to check this, and i realized that in my account settings, in General Preferences, the radio button "Receive notifications" was set to "No".

      Hmmm.. Why?

      I didn't edit this settings because I like to receive some notifications via Email.


      An other information:

      My IE browser now works well with your E14 community.

      There was some problems in with the cookies also with "stay login" after closing the browser.

      Menu Item - Content; Message window "we use cookies..."

      Bug, or Spam, or... Danger? -> Virus?


      It seems my feedback to Microsoft was heard and at last few days the IE seems to be repaired.

      Or may be you have updated the E14 last month.


      Best Regards



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