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    Element14 app?



      Please create an element14 community app and or include seller site too. This will help member to stay connect more with the community. Moreover, Questions asked might be answered quickly and it will be easy to follow updates too. Also, live chat option with the members will be great add on!
      I am sure thoughts on having an app were discussed by key members in the past but I believe this app will do more good. Just my thoughts !!



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          A good point, however I can access the Element14 website from my smart phone, as I imagine most people can. I use it during the day for a check up on conversations but rarely make comments from it because I have great difficultly typing on such a small keypad. Words are substituted, misspelt or the reply goes out before I am ready to send. I usually wait to get online when at home via PC or laptop.



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            I think there was an app years ago (on the old platform) but it was unloved. Nowadays with CSS the site is usable on mobile, but most mobiles are so high-res, it's possible to run in desktop mode sideways, and get the full experience anyway.

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                I tried it but as a matter of fact, it was not working at all, at least after 2015.


                I have already offered to start an experimental Webapp on Android devices at least for testing the potentialities, as well as solve the problem of the too small characters. But to do this without spending too much time it is needed to know some of the REST / GET / POST APIs of the system else it is really hard.



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                Responsive apps are definitely the way instead of dedicated apps. I use the site from my phone most of the time - in fact I'm posting from my phone now. Apart from a minor autocorrect glitch it works fine.

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                  I like apps (I'm an app developer). In this instance though, this website works brilliantly on my iPhone. Maintaining an app to be as functional would in my experience, be rather costly in the long run.

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