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    Why You're Going to Want to Attend the Upcoming Webinar on Cellular Network Surveying!


      Greetings best community members in the galaxy!


      We're less than a day away from a webinar on Network Cellular Surveying:


      Learn to Use a Continuous Survey LTE Logger for Cellular Network Surveying


      The community has always been a great place for learning and sharing information.  One of the programs that stands out for the community is the great webinars we put on with industry leaders that bring you closer to cutting edge technology.  You don't have to dig too deeply to convince people interested in Cellular technology that a webinar that opens up the world of how cellular networks operate is well worth your time.  John Culver has a really personable speaking style and you can tell that he can not only speak authoritatively on the subject, but he's eager to do so in an approachable style that makes it easy for anyone to understand.  It's is the kind of webinar you've got to love.  The webinar is intended for engineers with no previous knowledge of how a cellular network operates, but even if you're just a technology enthusiast who is interested in doing projects that involve cellular technology, you're sure to pick up something you'll find useful.  John's got a wealth of experience in cellular technology, having been with Siretta, an Industrial IoT company, since 1988, and working with cellular networks since 1997.


      He'll give you an overview of how cellular networks operate and let you know how cellular network surveying works.  Introducing a tool which you can get your hands on with the following Roadtest:


      Siretta Cellular Signal Strength Data Logger


      This is your chance to check out a webinar on cellular network surveying, learn why this is something you would be interested in, and then get your hands on a cellular network survey tool through our roadtest program.


      What you'll learn:

      •        The reason to do a cellular survey

      •        Basics of how a cellular device works out which base station to register to

      •        Using the SNYPER-Graphyte to conduct cellular surveys

      •        Understanding survey results





      John Culver - Technical Director


      • BSc (Hons) in Computer Engineering.
      • Joined Siretta in 1988.
      • Lead technical support since 1990.
      • Working with Cellular networks since 1997.
      • H/W design and debug expertise.
      • Post design engineering.