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    RPI 3b+ with latest raspbian image and pi desktop case




      I bought the latest RPI 3b+ with latest raspbian stretch desktop image and pi desktop case and a usb stick.


      I installed thedefault raspbian stretch desktop image on the usb stick and the rpi works direct from usb without changing boot parameters..

      I placed the rpi and usb into the pi-desktop case.


      I can startup the rpi by pushing the button on top of the case, the lights go on and the OS is starting up from usb.

      But, when closing down, push the cover button for 2 seconds, nothing happens!

      When pushing for 5 seconds i get a forced shutdown i think, cant check that , but it turns off, also the lights...


      Is the fact that the 2 seconds OFF does not work because i did not use the image file sudo dpkg -i pidesktop-base.deb but the latest default raspbain image strech desktop ?

      Is it possible to add software/scripts to my  raspbain image strech OS so that it can use the button and the RTC ?