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    How Would You RoadTest the MAX77860: USB Type-C charger with integrated CC detection, Reverse Boost, and ADC


      I was forwarded some information on new device that features a switch mode charger with USB Type-C CC detection capability, reverse boost capability and a Safeout LDO. Called the MAX77860, it features a lot in just a  3.9mm x 4.0mm.  The charger features a single input, which works for both USB and high voltage adapters. It supports USB Type-C CC detection under BC 1.2 specification, and the power-path switch is integrated in the chip.


      The USB-OTG output provides true-load disconnect and is protected by an adjustable output current limit. It has an input current limit up to 4.0A and can charge a single-cell battery up to 3.15A. When configured in reverse-boost mode, the IC requires no additional inductors to power USB-OTG accessories. The on-chip ADC can help monitor the charging input voltage/current, battery voltage, charging/discharging current, and the battery temperature. For More Info about the MAX77860For More Info about the MAX77860







      Evaluation Board

      It has an evaluation kit called the MAX77860EVKIT. The MAX77860 evaluation system (EV system) is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount printed circuit board (PCB) that evaluates the single input switched-mode battery charger and other features. For More Info About the EV KitFor More Info About the EV Kit



      • Evaluates MAX77860 Single-Input Switch Mode Charger
      • Demonstrates 4.0V to 13.5V Input Operation Range
      • Demonstrates USB Type-C Charging Up to 3.15A
      • Demonstrates Adapter Detection
      • Demonstrates USB-OTG Functionality
      • Assembled and Tested
      • I2C Serial Interface


      My Question to You: How Would You RoadTest This Product?