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    State of Arduino by Massimo Banzi at Maker Faire B.A. 2019


      This was posted by Make where Massimo Banzi from Arduino gave a State of Arduino speech at the recent Maker Faire Bay Area 2019. 


      Some highlights I pulled out of the speech.

      • 30M downloads of the Arduino IDE per year but less purchased licensed products.
      • New Head of Open Source and Communities - Badly needed
      • Working closer with the Open Source Communities
      • Donating $50,000 to support Open Source projects
      • Intro to the new Re-imagined Nano line including some with multiple sensors
      • Arduino IoT Cloud updates
        • New features including SIM support for the MKR GSM 1400


        • Maps
      • Arduino Science Kit Physics Lab
      • Arduino CTC GO!
        • STEM Program for 14 to 17 year olds.
      • More work on FPGA support including FPGA IDE


      I'm sure I missed some but it was quite informative


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          Thanks for sharing Jon.


          Treated myself to an extended coffee break (30 mins) while watching this. It's pretty good and as you say informative.


          From my perspective I picked out these additional points:

          • Started with a view on what makes Arduino IDE special (idea was to maintain just 6 or 7 buttons) despite pull for feature creep
          • Philosophy throughout is "Keep it Simple"
          • He sees great value in the "patron model" hence contributing back to the community and encouraging others to do the same - is he aware of patreon.com, I wonder
          • As part of their contributions they are also now members and supporting RISC V (hardware architecture) foundation
          • Continues to build on "Arduino Core API" (CHAINSAW) which looks pretty good and I think it opens up options to use other IDE's. Also encouraging other hardware architectures to pursue similar approach (and they're doing the same) to develop their own core API framework
          • As part of intro to Nano line he mentioned an integrated sensor option for the BLE version and revealed something about a machine learning option
          • Loved the iterative approach to developing a new IDE for FPGA's (we tried something then threw it away and tried something new etc.). What he revealed looked pretty awesome - drag n drop blocks etc.
          • Then, LOL - although it will be pretty cool , he mentioned at the end of talk the new Arduino IDE 2.0, which will have a "PRO" button. Looks like all the tugging for new features is about to take place as we will be given a new "complicated" PRO IDE option with debugging features and the rest...
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            Thanks, I would have missed this.


            I have to admit that I use the Arduino IDE a lot.  Mostly for ESP boards and I recently used it for an Spresense board.  And even for Arduinos .


            Lots of nice improvements on the horizon.  I like the new “pro” features for the IDE and the FPGA interface looks great.


            I’ll need to get some of the new Nano IOT boards to try.

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              I subscribe to a few newsletters. This popped up earlier today and thought wow, nice to see Massimo's ideas being implemented for this new low cost RISC-V dev board...


              From SeeedStudio... "In April, we added the full ArduinoCore-API interface to support Arduino IDE, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and other development environments in so that all k210-based development boards can run Grove Arduino Library. "