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    Generate Project Output deletes all project folder files



      I'm trying to generate Schematics PDF's from a project.

      When I press the "Generate" button in the "Generate output files" dialog box, an Error message appears with this: "Can't create Default Configuration\..\G500 - UJI\G500 - UJI.PDF: El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado".

      After pressing OK, another error message: "Validation failed".

      After this, when I open the project folder in the windows file explorer. All the files in the project folder are gone, deleted. Project folder exists but it's empty.

      From Circuit Studio, the project files are still opened and can be saved as if they were new files.

      If I generate the PDF output files individually, printing every single sheet. Everything is OK. No errors, no deleted files.

      I'm attaching a recorded screen showing the described error.

      Hope you can help me,