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    Assembly and 3D layers not mirroring




      I have imported a design from EAGLE and have started modifying it. However, the Assembly and 3D Top layers do not translate to the Bottom equivalents on import or when the part is flipped (using 'L' when moving) and remain on the "top" even though the pads and overlay has translated. I have noticed this on multiple imports.


      If I place a brand new part into the existing project, it behaves in the same incorrect manner.


      If I place the library parts in a new board (started in CS), then everything is fine, so I am confident it is a board specific thing.


      Interestingly, when I generate the assembly drawings, the Bottom assembly does not appear on the Top assembly document (even though they are all apparently on the same layer). The bottom assembly does not appear on the bottom drawing, though.


      Is there any option that would cause this to behave like so? I have tried updating all of the PCB footprints from the library to no avail.


      Any help would be much appreciated.