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    General Preferences - Email Notification - 2nd


      Dear E14 Support,


      At May 17, I told you that my account settings, at the item "general preferences", there was changing the item "email notification" that was set to "no" and all checkbox items was unset.

      Then I set it all to checked, so I received the email messages for so two or more weeks.



      Today I checked it all again and still I saw, that all settings was still unchecked once again.


      Why? Hmmmm.....

      Does someone playing with the users account settings?

      Or is there still a software bug -  e.g. after monthly web page updates ... "error-40" or so...

      Please, I like ask you to check why the user settings are changing every time, because I did change nothing.


      Thank you

      Best Regards



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          Christopher Stanton

          That's odd geralds , I can confirm there's no settings change that we're aware of behind the scenes for this.


          Can you please let us know the next time these settings change without you altering them, then if you can leave them alone, we can check the database/etc. to confirm if something odd is happening.

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              Hi Christopher,


              yes I will do so.

              May be at monthly E14 software updates during refreshing the data settings may some items be lost.


              Well, I checked it now: all settings in the checkbox items are right set; 2019-06-06; 13:20 Central Europe.


              Best Regards



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                Hi Christopher cstanton ,


                It seems that the settings of the notification preferences are be lost once again.

                notification preferences

                I have not changed any settings.

                Can you please check this what happens with that setting? I leave it now deactivated until you checked it out.

                May be also, this is what I think today, today afternoon I cleaned the history of my web browser, Chrome, but without deleting the cookies, meaning without deleting the login settings.

                The IE shows me the same like Chrome.



                Best Regards



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                    Dudley Nelson

                    Hi geralds


                    Huh - that's really odd.


                    I can confirm that the database isn't being affected by whatever it is you are seeing.


                    Here's a screenshot I took of your dataset on June 5th


                    And here's a shot of it today


                    The checkbox you are looking at is the receiveNotifications column - as you can see, it has the same value in both.


                    So this instantly makes me think we're looking at a bug where the value is set to one thing but appears to be set to something else - but that begs an immediate follow on question.


                    Are notifications working for you? Or do they keep stopping working?


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                        Hi Dudley dudley.nelson ,



                        Well, today so at 2: PM, Central Europe, I marked the checkboxes again because I wanted to receive the emails.


                        If you need I can uncheck it for checking the settings.

                        I'm sure there is a bug somewhere.



                        1: I clean up the history in my browser…. Then I'll see if there is the problem. One moment please...



                        after cleaning the browser data:

                        IE and Chrome as well does not change any setting in the preferences.

                        1. I cleaned without deleting cookies.

                        2. I cleaned with deleting cookies.

                        -> all email notifications are keeping active checked in the checkboxes.



                        Now I uncheck the checkboxes for you for confirmation if that was unchecked by manually.

                        Can you please check this now all checkboxes must be unchecked and the radio-button must be marked at "no".




                        I switched off the radio-button at 15:57 Central Europe time.





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