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    Infineon PMIC performance + VCU question for ULTRAZED-EV


      Gurus of the forum,


      I'm in a process of moving on from the SOM and branching off to our own board.


      Question #1

      Avnet's ZU7 based UltraZed-EV reference design seems to be a variant of dual configs recommended by UG583, infineon PMICs - IRPS4501.

      The listed options are from Infineon, TI, MPS.

      Infineon IRPS4501 config4/6 definitely has all the good bells and whistles (740mm^2 vs TI's 1040mm^2 real estate) but has a horrendous RDSon of 145mOhm for its upper FET.

      I know that efficiencies are very load specific, but most PMIC solution app notes would flex their efficiency metric muscles. It scares me that none of their eval module/datasheet for IRPS4501 lists any efficiency performance data, only ripple control specs on scope captures.

      Looks like SOM design bypasses this issue by using another buck with 4~1.8mOhm, but it probably was mostly from increasing the current capacity as well.

      Does Ultrazed team have any design tribal knowledge that would help me in this matter? Can you share SOM PMIC's efficiency charts if any?


      Question #2:

      I've been going through ZU5's power consolidation suggestion UG583 and looking at "always on" case#1 scenarios.

      for EV, xilinx UG583 has VCU 0.9V supply as required, even if we are not using it and XPE estimates no current usage.

      In this case, do we still need to power VCCINT_VCU? Perhaps just a simple LDO will be enough with no serious load?



      Thank you,