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    UltraZed Board Support Package




      does anyone know when the Avnet-UltraZed-BSP-2018.3 or Avnet-UltraZed-BSP-2019.1 will be released?


      I am uncertain about using PetaLinux Tools V2018.3 without the Avnet BSP.

      Which contents are in the Avnet-BSP and what is the difference between generating a custom BSP from Vivado -> PetaLinux Tools and using the one from Avnet?


      Please let me know about your recommendation.


      best regards,




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          Hello Bjørn,


          Did you ever get a response to this?


          The last BSP for the Ultrazed I see is 2018.2.  To run Petalinux 2018.2 I will have to setup a special virtual machine to run Ubuntu 2016.04 LTS. I would rather not go to all that trouble.  I would much rather have a 2019.1 BSP for the board.



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              Hello Peter,


              no, unfortunately I didn't get any answers.


              For my applications I am currently using the Xilinx-v2019.1-Toolchain (Vivado, SDK, PetaLinux Tools) and it seems to work.

              The BSP is just a reference design, which is not essentially required for development.


              You can generate all the required Boot-Files, Device Tree and Kernel Image using the current Xilinx Toolchain.

              For more information I recommend the UG1144 PetaLinux Tools Manual (P. 21) which explains in depth, how to generate the required Embedded Linux Components.

              The BSP will then be generated through your Vivado-Hardware-Design.


              Make sure to use one of the recommended OS Distributions from UG1144 (P. 9), since the Yocto Release in PetaLinux Tools is only compatible to some Releases. (Debian 9 works as well)


              An Example to get started with the UltraZed-EG-IOCC:

              petalinux-create --type project --template zynqmp --name <PROJECT_NAME>

              let me know if you need anything else and best of luck.