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    Does anyone know about K210 Dual-core RISC-V 64bit Boards ?


      I was surfing the web and stumbled upon K210 Dual-core RISC-V 64bit Boards ...

      another one Here and they pretty cheep for about 800 INR for the Module with Wifi ...


      And these claim to have KPU(Neural Network Processor) inside,  64 KPU which is 576bit width, support convolution kernels, any form of activation function. It offers 0.25TOPS@0.3W,400MHz, and when you overclock to 800MHz, it offers 0.5TOPS. It means you can do object recognition 60fps@VGA.


      Isn't that Coollll.....





      and even BananaPi has then in their dev boards ..

      BPI-K210 RISC-V AIoT board - Banana Pi Wiki


      Few details from the vendor:(Aliexpress)-


      MAIX development board compared with OPENMV V4 development board
      MAIX series development boardOPENMV V4
      Master chipK210STM32H743
      Chip coreDual-core RISC-V 64bit IMAFDCARM Cortex-M7 32bit
      Main frequencyNominal 400M, can exceed 600MNominal 400M
      RAM6MB general purpose memory + 2MB AI memory1MB
      Mpy supportSupport, MaixPy open source projectSupport, openmv open source project
      Conventional vision algorithmSupported, compatible with most openmv algorithmsOpenmv algorithm
      Conventional visual algorithm speed2~3 times in openmv v4\
      Neural network algorithmSupport, encapsulates the nnn class of mpySupport, encapsulates the nnn class of mpy
      Neural network algorithm speedHundreds of GOPS (thousands of times STM32)Hundreds of MOPS
      Face detection speed (QVGA, RGB image)Conventional algorithm 6 frames,
      AI acceleration can reach more than 60 frames
      About 2 frames
      Price (RMB)69~199499
      Is it commercially available?Commercial stamp hole moduleno


      Awesome Features for a fraction of the cost ....

      Anyone has used it ?



      GS Gill