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    The Business of Engineering Podcast | #10 - Online Marketing Strategies for Tech Startups

      The Business of Engineering podcast is a monthly round table discussion in which startup leaders and entrepreneurs discuss various issues related to working in the tech and electronics market. This is the discussion thread for Episode Ten - Online Marketing Strategies for Tech Startups

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      Episode Summary


      Online marketing is an essential part of running any modern business, but as a new or emerging startup it can be difficult to know where to start. In this week's podcast, our entrepreneurial round table discusses some of the most important tactics you should be aware of when attempting to build and retain your online audience - from the importance of SEO vs PPC to website design and content marketing.




      Melissa Beckett

      Acceleration Manager at the Natwest Business Accelerator, a program that enables entrepreneurs across the UK to reach their full potential through coaching, mentoring and one-to-one support.


      Sam Ducker

      CEO of Lucky Duck, a UK/UI design and development agency that builds websites, apps and other online solutions for a wide variety of businesses and enterprises.


      Richard Michie

      CEO of The Marketing Optimist, a consultancy firm working with SMEs to provide bespoke marketing solutions including strategy, website build, SEO, social media, training and more.


      Talking points addressed in this episode...


      • Introductions [0.00]
      • How important is online marketing to a startup in 2019? [2.15]
      • The most valuable resources for online marketing novices [8.30]
      • Understanding social media and finding the right platforms to promote your business [16.00]
      • Building a website - the 'must have' features [24.45]
      • SEO vs Paid Search - Competing with the big businesses for search engine exposure [27.00]
      • The most underrated - and overrated - online marketing techniques  [42.00]


      Have you experienced any of the issues discussed in this episode? Share your thoughts, questions for our guest contributors and any feedback you might have in the comments section below.


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