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    Problem with Example Personalety Cards - Android 9 - Moto Z3 (not play)


      New old Moto Z3 from Verizon, factory reset, fully updated then factory reset and configure again.

      MDK and Battery/Display Personality card brand new from Farnell shop.


      Similar to the problems at:


      HELP, how to recover old (factory) android, after update MDK no longer works!

      MDK Issues - Unable to test examples


      my MDK does not update in Example mode, error: "No Firmware can be found for Moto Mod Developer Kit. Be sure to switch your VID to 0x42 for prototyping."


      In Developer mode with/after manually downloading MDK utility from Playstore recognizes the MDK ass "MDK-Power" regardless of what Personality card is connected and in Example Mode it shows "Firmware" in green letters.


      Deleting/resetting all/any data from the "Moto Mods Manager" and or any other Mod related App, with and without restart did not change anything beside the time till the error message pops up.



      Do anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?



      Thank you.