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    Re: Change pin name

    Autodesk Guest

      On 17/06/2019 13:41, s d wrote:

      Hi everyone

      I'm switching from Altium and I'm trying to figure out what would be the best solution for this problem.


      I have 2 LDO Regulator with exactly the same package but different PIN number distribution.




      I've made a symbole but I'm wondering If I really do need 2 different symbole just to swap CE and the NC pin



      I couldn't see whether you'd attached images because the element14 link

      wasn't working, so I've just got your text of NNTP. However...


      If the two regulators want the same schematic symbol, and have the same

      physical package, then you can actually accommodate both in one library

      device with one symbol and one footprint. The trick is to set up two

      "variants" in the device, which will need different variant names, but

      can both use the same package. Then the "connect" dialog will let you do

      different pin-outs for them. I think some of the default libraries do

      that - probably some transistor types.


      However, it may prove easier to manage if you create two devices. You

      still won't need more than the one symbol and one package, but using

      separate devices makes the naming (and hence finding the right one to

      add) slightly easier.